What is a Creative Content Agency?

November 25, 2020 DJ Team

What is a Creative Content Agency

In the world of marketing, there are a lot of different types of “agencies” out there, and each one will be structured a little bit differently. Depending on that structure, they may offer different services as well. If you’re not in the industry—or you’re new to it—it can come off as confusing. Let’s break down some of the differences, and specifically, figure out what a creative content marketing agency is and what they do.   

Types of Creative Agencies

There are loads of different types of agencies, creative and otherwise. So let’s start high up. An agency, by definition, is a business or organization meant to provide a service, usually involving an interaction between two parties. In a traditional, old-school advertising agency, that transaction was usually between the brand (the agency’s client) and the media placement (where the ad would run). 

Today, that’s expanded. Marketing, advertising, creative, digital, and other agencies still manage that relationship, but often between the brand and its customers as well. And the face of media has changed a lot since the old ad days. 

You’ll find a wide variety of different agencies today. 

  • Full-Service - These agencies do it all. It usually means they have an account team, a PR team, creative team, and team for media placement, and maybe more. They’re meant to be a one-stop shop for your creative needs. 
  • Marketing - Marketing agencies do everything that involves promoting and selling something. That includes product research, advertising (see below), strategy, and more. 
  • Advertising - Advertising agencies are a subset of marketing agencies. These focus strictly on actual advertising, but today it’s a blend of traditional media like print ads and TV spots with banner ads, text ads, and other digital means. 
  • Digital - You can probably guess that digital shops focus on all things on the internet. That ranges from social media to email to landing pages and all points in between. They’ll also look at analytics that come from these media. 
  • Content - Content marketing agencies are the creators. They’re writing blog posts, scripting videos, producing ebooks, and recording podcasts. Their focus is completely on content marketing, sticking to the strategy, and checking analytics to adjust as necessary. 

There’s likely to be some crossover in a lot of agencies, so you’ll need to vet the ones you’re looking at to be sure they offer—or even specialize—in what you’re looking for.   

What Does a Creative Agency Do?

Even in the world of creative agencies, there’s a lot of disparity. Some do one thing, others focus on other areas. 

One thing they all have in common is that they find creative ways to convey information. It’s often called “storytelling” these days. The goal of anyone working in a creative agency is to find a way to tell the brand’s story in a way that’s going to garner positive attention. 

Tell your Brand Story with a Content Marketing Agency

For a creative content agency, that means using interesting, thoughtful means to write and show the brand is interesting and innovative. However, it also means finding new avenues to tell those stories in. If a new social media platform gets popular, they’ll help determine if it’s the right path for your brand and, if so, the best ways to get attention using it. 

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What Does Creative Content Mean?

So then, what is creative content? You’ve seen blogs, you’ve seen videos on YouTube. Are these creative? Sometimes, sure. Creativity has to strike a balance between being interesting enough to garner attention, and clear enough to still provide some kind of benefit—even if it’s just entertainment value. 

Here are a few good examples of creative content. 

Blendtec - Will It Blend? - Blendtec makes blenders. But not just any blenders—really intense, powerful, industrial blenders. Instead of simply throwing a bunch of fruit or vegetables or even meat into their blenders to show how easily they puree, they took it a step further. In a video series called Will It Blend?, they toss in things like smart phones and pool cues. Smart, engaging, entertaining, and shows off the power of a Blendtec Blender. 

Charmin - Sit or Squat App - Making toilet paper can give you plenty of opportunity for potty humor, but Charmin keeps it clean. Their recent big piece of creative content was a full-blown app that helps travelers find the cleanest bathrooms along the route. Helpful, interesting, and always there when you need it. 

Wendy’s - Social Media Campaign - This isn’t one clear example as much as just a nice overall strategy that has prevailed. They took off on Twitter for having a smart, witty, sometimes hilariously scathing method for responding to their audience. 

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t go insulting your audience on Twitter. Wendy’s knew that people weren’t going to engage them if they kept tweeting about burgers, so they upped the ante. These are just examples of what some creative content marketing agencies can do. Your industry and your brand specifically will require its own unique twists to make you stand out.

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