11 Best Content Creation Tools For Blogs, Video, and Images

December 10, 2021 DJ Team

list of the best content creation tools

Whether you are launching a new brand, looking to grow your following, or working for a marketing firm, one of the most important ways to drive traffic is through content creation.

Creating content is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to engage with potential customers, generate sales leads, and establish your brand or company as an authority in the marketplace.

You may be asking yourself, “What is content creation?” If you are unclear on what exactly falls under the scope of content marketing, you are not alone. It may surprise you to know that companies have been creating content for decades.

Ads on milk cartons, flyers on phone poles, liners on the radio, and more are all content. Essentially, content creation is the contribution of information to any media for a specific audience or end-user.

Nowadays, content creation is generally associated with the realm of digital media - website content, videos, blogs, social media, and more. Content creation has become an essential piece to marketing any business.

As such, it’s important to know the best tricks in the book for creating content. In this blog, we will discuss which app is best for content creators and help you identify some of the best content creation tools to make generating content painless.

What is a Content Creation Tool?

Content creators are often tasked with creating written or visual content for all sorts of purposes. Their work may end up on websites, Instagram feeds, marketing collateral, TV, or more.

Content creation tools are applications, software, or websites that help make any of these processes easier. They can help keep a creator organized, make combining text and images straightforward, or improve the overall storytelling process for a creator.

Since there are many different types of content, there are several types of tools and apps. Let’s take a look at some of the best content creation apps and options for each category.

Content Creation Tools for Blogs

Naturally, blogs involve lots of written content. However, the multimedia content on a blog can help separate it from competitors. With that in mind, let’s look at some writing and image editing tools for blogs:

  • BeFunky- This browser-based image editor allows anyone from novice to expert to make awesome collages and fun graphic designs.
  • Edubirdie- This free online tool will check your written content to ensure none of it is plagiarised.
  • Ginger- This website offers a great grammar checker to make sure your copy is clean and free of errors.
  • Easel.ly- This tool makes one the most effective pieces of digital content—infographics—a breeze. With customizable templates, infographics will be as easy to create as they are to read.

Video Content Creation Tools

Video content is some of the most easily digestible content for consumers. For creators, it can be a little tricky to put it all together. Fortunately, there are several helpful tools for video creation:

  • Splasheo- This tool takes your raw footage and helps create a full-on video production. Simply upload the clips, select the preferences you want, and wait for the delivery of your finished product.
  • Camtasia and SnagIt from TechSmith- This recording tool provides video creators with an easy tool to capture what’s happening on their screens, whether it’s a walkthrough or a collection of webcam clips. It also has built-in editing tools like transitions, animations, title cards, music, and more.
  • Canva- This tool is conventionally used for graphic design, but has the capacity to animate static designs into GIFs and videos.

Content Creation Tools for Free

Many of the tools mentioned above are free, with some pay-to-use features or premium upgrades. While entirely free tools may offer fewer features, there are several content creation tools available to use for free, such as:

  • Google Docs- A less-than-glamorous option, this application enables written content, collaboration, and trackable feedback and changes, and it’s totally free to use.
  • Unsplash- This website gives users access to thousands of free photos and pictures to help populate their websites and blogs.
  • iMovie- Free for Apple customers, this program is an easy-to-use video editor.

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